There are several different roads to energy sufficiency even on a global basis. Current evidence suggests that some combination of conservation with modest natural gas options, will allow us to meet reasonable needs for increasing populations. A diversified market fostered through competition among and between all service and equipment businesses, is needed. NewVistas provides a simple solution that allows a community's energy portfolio to adapt to a region, while encouraging scalable solutions
NewVistas Model

NewVistas relies on solar power primarily for photosynthesis. Current reccomendations for other energy consumption relies largely on natural gas for high grade energy. But it is able to do so using only a fraction of the energy consumed elsewhere. NewVistas will continue to search for other clean energy sources.


1. Make progress identifying and representing the most difficult questions

2. Show definite improvements and progress in the field

3. Apply these findings to NewVistas

4. Address the constraints of energy sufficiency models

5. Create forms that serve as tools for better energy sufficiency choices

6. Address some of the tangential issues associated with energy sufficiency.