Energy must be at the core of any model for a sustainable society. A society cannot do work without energy. The current preferred energy sources for both developing and developed economies are fossil fuels, which are finite and environmentally problematic. We must find ways to conserve energy as well as develop environmentally harmonious sources. The use of renewable energy sources to meet all energy needs is not currently feasible – solar and wind are not globally viable sources for electricity production, renewables all involve high up-front costs and hidden ecological impacts, and with very few exceptions renewables can’t compete economically without government mandates and subsidies.

Transportation Infrastructure

All parts of a NewVistas community are connected with walkway-podways. Walkway-podways run in straight lines from hub to hub. The top level of the walkway-podway connects "people" spaces, including live-work levels of standard buildings and above-ground levels of campus and market buildings. The bottom level of the walkway-podway connect production and warehouse areas of NewVistas buildings, primarily for the movement of goods.

Utilities and Intersection

Hubs are the result of the podway solution and are located at the intersection of each podway. Hubs house much of the utilities including water storage and waste processing. There are also many common rooms used for gatherings and education.

Central Square

The mall is the space at the podway level between the multi-purpose buildings in the central square. It is used primarily as a location for retail and for walking between buildings in an open atmosphere protected from the elements.
Market Buildings

Commerce and Trade

Market buildings are two or three-story buildings designed especially for commerce and trade. They are located in the market section of the central square. Market buildings may be used for retail commerce, restaurants, amusements, and services of all kinds. They are linked to community transportation networks for optimal movement of goods.
Workability and Benefits